Hire the Best Salespeople to Grow Your Business

Sales is the hardest position to hire.  

We show Business Owners and Leaders how to attract, identify, interview and choose the best salespeople.

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3 Steps to Hire a Sales Rockstar

The Sales Rockstar Identifier is the tool you need to begin the process of not just hiring a salesperson, but hiring a ROCKSTAR salesperson who will transform your company.

How to Hire Salespeople On-Demand Training

This on-demand training will help you simplify and streamline your hiring practices to get quality applicants and sales superstars.

Should you Hire That Candidate?

We use an Easy to Understand Red/Yellow/Green Assessment as part of our Hiring process.

You can assess one candidate for free and we will record a video debrief for you explaining the results.

Hiring Your Ideal Avatar

Few businesses properly gain clarity into their “perfect avatar’s” statistics, behaviors and interests. Doing this  sets the stage for developing a powerful recruiting message and position within the job marketplace.

The StrongerSales Hire™ System

We provide a full system that teaches you how to hire great salespeople and how to get them started right.  The Hire system is a combination of training, an online assessment for each candidate, coaching calls to guide you through the process.  We want you to have Awesome Salespeople to represent You, your company and your product.

Download the Guide to Hire Sales Rockstars Fast

The Sales Rockstar Identifier is the tool you need to begin the process of not just hiring Any salesperson, but hiring a ROCKSTAR salesperson who will transform your company.  They are very hard to hire but when you learn to hire the best and then onboard them - you can experience the leveraged growth you dreamed of when you started your business.  This is an easy way to learn about Sales DNA, Will to Sell, and Sales Competencies.  

Sales hiring is very hard - people have great resumes, Linked-In profiles, they talk a good game, etc.  Plus - sales success is not indicated by what your gut tells you.  Likable and friendly extroverted people will not necessarily sell..  They might... but lots of "good talkers" are just full of you know what.



You want a stronger sales team. You are not sure what your team needs. Schedule a 20 minute call with Stronger Salespeople and we will help you audit your team and recommend honest and effective next steps. You may want to learn more about our program after the call or you may be good to go for now. Either way is great. These call slots are truly limited by our schedule, so please be patient with us when you look at the calendar. We'll help - we promise.


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