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If you are hiring salespeople and you aren’t happy, chances are you have one of these two problems: 

1. You are hiring Salespeople that seemed to have the right stuff and then 90 days later you know you made the wrong hiring choice. So, you fire those salespeople. Now the competition swoops in like sharks. You are frustrated because you know you wasted time, money and effort. 

2. Perhaps worse than scenario 1… you are tolerating mediocrity from salespeople that you hire, or perhaps you are even tolerating outright lack of performance, because you do not have confidence that you can hire a better salesperson. 

Both of these problems have exactly the same cause. 

The strategy you are using to attract, sort, and then select the right salesperson is not working. Most business owners have been led astray when it comes to looking for the right things in a salesperson. 

Perhaps you don’t have a system at all, perhaps you are winging it and going by “gut”. Resumes are not generally worth the paper that they are written on. You can get lots of candidates from online job boards, but for the most part the candidates are not qualified and they probably didn’t even read your job posting! 

The fact is that you need a sales team if you are going to grow, expand, and effectively convert leads and brand awareness that you are generating via your marketing. You simply cannot do it all yourself and even the best computer programs will not convert clients automatically unless you sell a very cheap product. 

Top business builders who eventually scale, sometimes sell, and who are able to go on vacations and have free time to spend on their family crack one very important code…

  • They Crack the Sales Rockstar Hiring code. They attract the best and brightest salespeople to join their team again and again. 

Most of my clients are so very close when it comes to hiring the salespeople that they and their company deserve to have. Close… but close is not good enough. 

When you learn the secrets to hiring great salespeople you can expand with confidence. You can crank up your marketing spend knowing that the leads will be well handled and converted. 

Guess what else… when you are able to hire Sales Rockstars you no longer have to settle for mediocrity. The poor performers are either pulled ahead or else you will have the confidence to manage them out and replace them. 

AND... do you have a “Rotten Apple” salesperson who is hitting quota, but their Attitude Stinks? Strong sales hiring systems can take care of that problem too. 

Successful Sales Team Builders and Company builders use the right strategy to attract, Sort through, Interview, Hire and Onboard Sales Talent. 

This strategy is made up of these three things: 

1. An attraction system designed to give you high Quality AND Quantity Rockstar Salesperson Candidates. A system that makes your company sought out by Talent. 

2. A method of Sales Interviewing and Candidate Sorting that allows you to Rapidly and Easily Diagnose who will be able to sell and who will NOT be able to sell, BEFORE you dump months and buckets of $ into them. 

3. A system to onboard Sales Talent rapidly and make sure they are Ramping up to the Break even point and beyond! 

This strategy works for one main reason… 

The System Does The Hard Work… Not You… 

The formula is simple: 

High Quality Candidates + Proven Sales Talent Measurement System + Leveraged Onboarding Model = Sales Rockstars and Growth! 

If you want to generate more revenue without working longer hours to do so, there is an easy solution… hire amazing Salespeople. 

Instead of struggling to figure out the system yourself, let me give you my proven system, that’s already generated Rockstar Salespeople for clients who are now able to finally move on to other areas of their Business Growth Plan! 

No more guesswork or wasted time... 

Just swipe the system my clients and I use to generate Strong Sales candidate pools, to sort through those candidates rapidly, and to Pick the Right Salesperson BEFORE you invest (and then lose) 90 days and $10s or $100s of thousands and much more in the lost opportunity and time.


Webinar Capacity Strictly Limited to 100

What Will Be Covered

  • Why Salesperson Recruiting (for Rockstars) has become more like Marketing than like Help Wanted and what to do about it

Whether you are new to hiring Salespeople and building a sales team or you have been doing this for years and are now Frustrated with the state of sales hiring, this will work for you.

  • Why your Sales Hiring Criteria Probably Stinks… And what you can do about it… 

76% of all Salespeople are really bad at what they do. Of the 24% who are good, not all of them are a fit for your product or company. There is a way to sort out the good ones though.

  • Escape the Time Trap…

Sorting through a stack of resumes is unproductive and ineffective. Many people today are pushing the “EASY” button on online ads and do not even know what they are applying for. In addition, resumes are normally crap. Some of my best salespeople had terrible resumes!

  • How you can use Automation to ease the Sales hiring process 

Automation and computer systems seem impossible… until someone shows you exactly what to do, and then it is easy.

  • How to structure your Sales Hiring and Onboarding so the System does the heavy lifting… 

Not you. We’ll show you exactly how our clients are attracting pools of 100+ applicants and then speaking to just the best 4-7 candidates. This system works over and over again. Just push play.

What Other Business Owners and Sales Team Builders say about Wayne

Wayne Herring and the Strongersalespeople Hire™ process helped me to generate an enormous pool of sales talent (80+ applicants) and then we picked a salesman that fit not only the position but our culture and I have been extremely happy with him. It is very hard to recruit great salespeople in our Commercial Laundry business.

We struggled in the past to get enough candidates, to ask them the right questions and then to pick the ones who can and will sell in our environment. In the past, the people we did invite in for interviews based on their resumes were often far from what we were looking for. This process not only finds salespeople but vets them before you even speak to them (no ridiculous interviews and phone calls). Wayne has also helped us with some sales team process improvement, and sales management frameworks and systems to get our new sales hires started off right.

- Jeff Large, President Laundry Systems of Tennessee

Wayne and I met years ago as two competing Sales VPs within the same industry. Despite the fact that we were competitors, there was an instant connection. Since then, Wayne has started to assist me as a third party consultant with my salesperson recruiting and development efforts. The first thing we did was run our Top 3 and Bottom 3 sales performers through the Sales Rockstar Identifier™ system using StrongerSalesPeople’s online assessment. The accuracy with which the system identified the differences between the Top and Bottom salespeople was striking and compelling.

-Rich Oakes, Vice President of Sales at Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation.

Wayne is such a tremendous asset. To have someone – not in the business, and not in the industry to be able to provide a fresh look at your processes and procedures has been beneficial to both my husband and myself as small business owners. We value what he brings because it is Real Stuff, so to speak, actual things we can implement – put into action – and see immediate results. 

We plan on continuing our work with Wayne as there are always so many opportunities for us to continually improve and grow and he assists us in identifying those opportunities and tackling them with ease.

Alison Sophy, CEO at Sophy Jewelers

Wayne was the VP of Sales when I was a Regional Manager. One solid thing I learned from Wayne is in regard to hiring. I have a huge ego and I had always made all of my own decisions regarding hiring without the feedback of others prior to the interview or after hiring a salesperson. With Wayne’s guidance, I learned how to use the strengths and various lenses of others prior to making a final decision when hiring sales talent. My team’s sales results and salesperson tenure both dramatically increased as a result. We also were able to promote from within the team due to this one simple change.

Willie Grubaugh, Partner at Revolutionary Performance Management

I knew of Wayne’s successful tenure as VP of Sales & Marketing with his previous company and brought him in to help with a new business I was getting off the ground. Wayne was instrumental in helping us organize our sales efforts, streamline our business process and focus on the right things. He asked the questions that needed to be asked. As a result, I got where I needed to go much quicker than had I done it on my own. Saving me very valuable time and generating profits that vastly exceeded my expectations. 

Jim Miller Jr., Owner, Solar Credits Direct

I had the pleasure of working with Wayne, while he was VP of Sales and Marketing at Preferred Warranty. Wayne developed and executed an acute strategy to develop not only excellent sales and marketing people but an excellent management team as well. He focused on hiring and training excellent managers to be able to counsel, coach, motivate, and give the freedom to replace the sales and marketing team until the entire team was excellent. He very much understood the “role pollution” in the manager’s job and worked diligently to clarify that role. 

Jill Frank, Experienced Digital Marketing & Business Consultant, Social Media Strategy & E-Marketing Strategy and Execution

As a private equity investor and board director invested in PWI Holdings, Inc. I worked closely with Wayne in his role as National Sales Manager over a period of seven years. This period included the economic downturn during 2008-2010. Wayne is among the top senior executives with whom I have worked during my career. He is thoughtful about solving business challenges, authentic, self-aware – and the sales success realized by PWI is directly related to his skillful management of his team before, during, and after one of the most tumultuous economic periods in U.S. History. I learned a great deal from observing Wayne’s management style, grew as a professional, and am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside him.

David Harper, Strategic Financial Operations Leader / Private Equity Investing / M&A / Financial Restructuring

No matter how great you are at your field of expertise, there is always room for improvement. However, when you are successful and at the top of your game, you may not know that you can do even better by just fine tuning a few of your skills or adding a few new skills to your repertoire. If you are prepared to set aside your Sales EGO to learn more about your internal sales DNA with an open mind, Wayne at StongerSalesPeople is just the person to unlock your hidden potential and increase the sales effectiveness of your entire sales team. Prepare to be humbled and ultimately have a stronger sales team at your company.

John Correa, EVP National Sales and Development at UMS Banking

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